Penniless Foodie in the Wild

Penniless Foodie in the Wild

Adaptable Recipes for Foragers and Frugalistas

Number of Pages: 212
ISBN: 978-1334999079

Discover how to create gourmet food withour spending a fortune.

In Penniless Foodie in the Wild, award winning blogger and foraging instructor Penny Price reveals her secrets on how to prepare restaurant quality food from affordable ingredients. Whether you forage in the fields or the supermarket, whether you're vegan, paleo or gluten-free, Penny brings you 67 mouth-watering recipes from around the globe that are satisfying, healthy and budget-friendly.

You will learn how to shop economically, store food effectively, and take full advantage of the ingredients on hand so that meal times become about really living, and not just surviving. Each recipe can be adapted to suit any lifestyle or dietary requirement.