The English Kitchen

The English Kitchen

An Anglophile's Love Note to English Cuisine

Number of Pages: 724
ISBN: 978-1-334-99909-3

Learn how to cook the complete breadth of English cuisine with The English Kitchen. Award winning blogger and former personal chef Marie Rayner shares 510 recipes to cover every meal from the famous 'Full English' breakfast to late night treats of cake and biscuits. Every meal that could cross a traditional English plate is on offer, with modern favourites from around the British Isles and abroad making an appearance too.

You will find recipes for fry ups, lemon toast, custard creams, honey cake, Bakewell scones, the ultimate chicken Caesar salad, ploughman's lunch, toad-in-the-hole, pork chops, Lancashire hotpot, hunterís chicken, gardenerís pie, chips and mushy peas, how to make the perfect Sunday roast, Yorkshire pudding, bubble and squeak, coronation chicken, rock cakes, crumpets, crumbles, roly polys, sticky toffee pudding and more!

Marie also shares her years of experience in running a kitchen, with an entire chapter of Kitchen Wisdom to teach you the hints, tips and secrets behind making it all look (and feel) easy.

Marie came to the UK in the year 2000 and swiftly fell in love with the British culinary style. These are her tried and tested, very best recipes. They donít have to be fancy, but they are each and every one delicious. Throughout she will educate you with gentle humour and beautiful illustrations, whether you are a native Brit looking for the taste of home, or an anglophile waiting to discover the traditions for the first time.